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Rob Lone's Work Experience

Crayon London

Snr Web Developer (July 2011 - Present)

_ working on a drupal 7 website - for a well known Electronics brand.

_ created a custom Google QR code module
_ supporting a rackspace cloud file module system
_ oop jquery/javascript carousel

_ working on a drupal 7 site for a well known jewelery

Sony, Forever Mark, BT

The Old County

Digital Director/CEO (April 2008 - Present)

To pioneer a film orientated web agency for use with upcoming mobile technology. The agency would be set on producing innovative and dynamic web projects which can work on the iPad.

Fusion Robot

Creative Director/Founder (February 2008 - Present)

• Coordinating with the concept artist James Ng to redesign several websites; using his graphics to invoke an emotional intelligence within each site depending on how users interact with the interface. Other graphical changes will take place dependant on the consumer’s behaviour and at which time they login.
• whenscottmetmichelle.com is currently being prototyped/developed to be the first website to integrate the artists work. Will eventually become a new social(dating) networking site.
• Designed and developed Insomniac Mania, Neo-Steampunk, Lone Photographic, Tao Salon, Fusion Robot, Dirty Works Inc. and 28 Slices Later.
• Rebranding Insomniac Mania to turn it into a web 2.0 Indie filmmaking social network site.
• Developing motion graphics for some of these projects using Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Premier and After Effects. Brand recognition, Logo design and photo manipulation.
• A site editor which uses OOP PHP 5 to connect to a database, JQuery for photo content editing and Yahoo! YUI as a rich text editor.
• Reverse engineer an MVC framework to salvage a website project for Forster. SQL Yop used.
• Full project lifecycle from design and development through to testing and implementation.
• Sourced and managed contractors for various short projects.


Founder (June 2008 - Present)

Fusion Robot

Founder (June 2004 - Present)


Snr Web Developer (May 2011 - July 2011)

Built a new Glenfiddich Pioneer website using Symfony 1.4 and Doctrine. Object orientated jQuery with dialog box, registration forms and home page carousel rotation. Installation of an iPad app.


Snr Web Developer (April 2011 - May 2011)

iPad specific event, requiring a Youtube api mashup in a Code Ignitor framework for Ford Focus Cam. Front and Back end development work, with html email notifications.

Digital Outlook

Web Developer (April 2011 - April 2011)

Addison Marketing

Senior Developer (February 2011 - March 2011)

Annual reports for Vodafone, TNT and Gemalto

Comic Relief: Red Nose Day

Snr Web Developer (October 2010 - February 2011)


Snr Web Developer (June 2010 - September 2010)


jQuery Web Developer (May 2010 - May 2010)

Worked on a heavy jQuery/javascript form for Santander.

Capsule01 Ltd

Web Developer (April 2010 - May 2010)

Worked on an amazing api mashup project for Virgin Media. The Ten Things project was probably one of the most biggest api mashup projects I've ever had the pleasure of working on. Great project, great web team.

We Are VI

Web Developer (October 2009 - April 2010)

• Currently integrating custom AMFPHP services to connect a flash interface to Drupal 6.14 CMS. Kauffman
• Repairing freelancer work Energy Connections (Drupal), Ilive (Symfony), GT Bank (Drupal)
• Resolving issues with a Joomla 1.5.14 Virtuemart e-commerce website londonbiopackaging.com , Glimpse
• Used WAMP or XAMPP to setup the localhost so work can be conducted offline. Used Aptana, Programmer's notepad, Navicat. Putty, PSFTP and TortoiseSVN.
• Scriptopus made in 12 hours. Ruby on Rails.
• Used Jquery to modify Human Capital, a Symfony based site. Slideshow for Netjets pitch.
• Facebook Api bug fixing. Setting up splash pages (Forge Alliance)
• We Are Vi site WordPress development
• Migrating several websites to a new host and setting up the DNS. Using putty to tar (zip) files and export.
• Using GitHub as a revision control system to develop alongside other developers.
• Creation of custom Drupal modules and themes, working with bespoke Symfony and WordPress integrations.
• Ecommerce solutions using paypal and cardsave

• Facebook Api bug fixing.
• Migrating several websites to a new host and setting up the DNS. Using putty to tar (zip) files and export.


Senior Web Developer (February 2009 - October 2009)

The Forward Group

Front End Web Developer (October 2008 - December 2008)

• Loop e-mail marketing campaigns. Transport for London, communicator corp
• Barclays e-mail marketing campaigns. Inspired Living – B&Q microsite. Tesco micro surveys
• Development work tested with “Chicken of VNC” and “Browser cam”
• Re-developing a PHP 5 based admin system for Smartscreen charity and .NET based send to a friend forms.

Catch Digital

Web Designer (May 2008 - October 2008)

Barnet College

Website Developer (March 2008 - May 2008)

• Simple web 2.0 PHP 5 form which relies on validation before sending content to administrators. A mootools calendar was modified for the form.
• Linux administration - basic login and account handling (changing passwords).
• Running Perl scripts in a UNIX environment, connecting to an Oracle 11g database.
• Perl to PHP conversion of an Oracle/MySQL dumping script.
• Redeveloping around a Moodle site template.

Barnet College

Web Developer (March 2008 - May 2008)


Web Developer (November 2007 - March 2008)


Website Consultant (November 2007 - November 2007)

• Reported on the HD dvd market and produced content for the future VMD DVD website.
• Elaborated on customer orientated design methods to make the site more interactive.

University of Bradford

Web master (August 2004 - July 2005)

• Developed MySQL skills. The nest of sites used CSS, PHP and XHTML.

Rob Lone's Education

University of Bradford

Digital Cinema

University of Bradford


Chatham Grammar School for Boys

Chatham South School


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