About me:


Great things come in small packages.. N I'm one of those..

Self Obsessed!

--Arrogance flows in my blood. And it turns me on too.

--I am hopelessly in love with myself.

--I am extremely unpredictable!

--I live my life so well that even death loves to see me live.

--I always approach when its in favour of me.

--I Love my family & friends more than anything, after myself.

--I am Very romantic.


--I'm extremely passionate & possessive about Kareena kapoor "B3BO".

--I'm also grate fan of Heath Ledger.

--I dream to become a great Bissuness man.

--I love Computers N such kind of new technology.

--I am Very moody and weird at times.

--I never care for one's who don't like me.

--I love what I wear which mainly includes T-shirts and denims.

--I love red ,blue & white.

--I never believe in almighty , But i do believe in LUCK.

--I believe in myself and my potential to control my life.

--I dont believe in taking right decision, I take decision and then make them right.

--I strickly follow my motto - "TIT FOR TAT".

--I respect women but I can be called a flirt too.

--I don't lie, my heart is transparent to anyone & everyone.

--I love liars but I hate cheaters.

--Dreams complete me and nightmares disturb me.

--I am Only FOcuseD On WhaT I WrOte, Mine Will Is BeyOnd Reach!

Now you know 90% of me.

No matter what u think, I am what I am. And I'm obsessed about it!



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Have a look at Hirak's other recommendations... Software Engineer (5)

Work History

Software Engineer

Elan Emerging Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

March 2011 - March 2011

Software Developer

Openxcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd.

August 2011 - Present

Qualifications & Certifications

S.P University

Sardar Patel University

G. H. Patel college of engg. & tech.

Kamani Forward High School


Hirak Makwana

Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India