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Victorian Dressmaker and Restore and Repair Antique Parasols

I've been sewing since I was 8. I LOVE the Victorian Era and got started in making historical clothing using period techniques. I taught myself, and truthfully, am still learning. I own several antique drafting machines and have used them to make very accurate gowns. I mostly make gowns and put them up on Etsy. I have mostly done restoring and recovering antique parasols over the last several years and totally enjoy that. Once I get out from under the orders, I am looking forward to actually working on some of my own and making more gowns to put up on my Etsy store and my website.

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The new Disney Movie "The Lone Ranger" Share

I just finished making 6 parasols for The new Disney Movie "The Lone Ranger" scheduled to come out in Spring/Summer of 2013. They cannot be seen until the movie. Sorry!!

Lately I have mostly been restoring and recovering antique parasols, and making them from scratch. I teach a class for that on line at www.thecostumeclassroom.com My website is www.joysvictorianneedle.com
I also sell antiques on Etsy at
I LOVE to sew and putting finishing touches on 2 1950s gowns, and a contract for Victorian undergarments for a National Historic Park.

Dresses and Gowns Share

I am also working on designing gowns and dresses for my website and my Etsy shop....all Eras from 1850s to the 1950s. I have been in business since 2003 and have been sewing since I was 8. I absolutely LOVE to sew!!

I am drafting patterns from the original gowns that I have in my collection and hope to have them up for sale sometime next year.

I look forward to helping you make YOUR DREAM gown!!

Recovering and restoring antique parasols. Share

I have worked on the movie "The Lone Ranger" and made several parasols for that. It will be coming out around June 2013. I am presently making another parasol for the Disney Park/Resort. Only one for the moment, but you never know!! :-)

The parasol shown is a recovered 1840s carriage parasol that I did for a customer this year. To be fair...he did put on the original fringe himself. But it turned out gorgeous! And, this one lead to others. I also teach a class on how to MAKE your own parasol from a cheap Halloween parasol to LOOK like a gorgeous Victorian or Edwardian parasol! Contact me and I will let you know more about it.

(You can see many of the parasols I have done with before and after photographs.)

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Goshen Adult Day Care Center

Activities Director and Volunteer (Present)

Self Employed and Loving It!

Owner-Operator (Present)

Joy's Victorian Needle

Owner-Operator (January 2005 - Present)

The Costume Classroom

Instructor (Present)

I currently teach a class on how to make parasols from scratch that look like the are from the Victorian/Edwardian Era

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Lingle Ft. Laramie High School


Lingle-Ft Laramie High School


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