Ashwita Bogish

Ashwita Bogish

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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US Tax Analyst for Individual Taxation (Human Capital)

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Ernst & Young

Tax Analyst (August 2010 - August 2011)

• 1 year of experience in Individual US Taxation (Human Capital) at Ernst & Young.
• Worked for various clients.
• Experienced in preparation of Resident, Expatriate, Inpatriate, Non-Resident and Dual Status returns.
• Experienced in preparation of Tax Equalizations of all types.
• Experienced in preparation of 2350 forms for extension filing for Expats.
• Experienced in gathering missing information before starting to prepare the return.
• Worked for Engagement Management Services.
• Experienced in drafting responses for Tax Authority notices.
• Experienced in preparation of FBAR form for US tax purposes
• Used Go-System for preparation of returns.
• Used E-docs for saving final returns for global access.

Ashwita Bogish's Education

Jyoti Nivas College

Bachelor of Commerce

Mount Carmel Institute of Management-

International Business and Systems


Bethany High School


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