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sales repersentives (August 2004 - Present)

high class made to measure curtains
bedding,curtains,rods, pillows,cusions etc
homeware, sold beds,consseions dept.
commission on sales


seasonal sales advisor (December 2010 - Present)

re-merchadise shevels
assist customers with products
meeting targets/goals


stationary merchandiser (September 2010 - Present)

prepare packed stionary,books,pens,calenders,dairy's etc.
team player assisting customers enquires, able to do delivery stock
maintain in stock room organise tills, rolls bags plus change.
promote sales rearrange shop floor.


till opertive (September 2008 - Present)

cashier/displays windows
general duties/multi-task
customer servce
stock cntrol/homeware

Marks and Spencer

customer service (October 2007 - Present)

complaints & exchanges enquires
cashier forgion money
displays shevels, windows
re-furbished store department
resonsiblites of own department

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