Life is what you make it, and my life wouldn't be complete without my beautiful daughter, my family and my friends :D

I enjoy bringing up my beautiful 4-year-old daughter!! She has so much personality and is soooo beautiful! My life wouldn't be complete if I never had my baby girl in my life, she's my whole world and means so much to me. Shannon makes my life worth living, I love you so much baby girl! <3

I have completed an access course in biological and biomedical sciences and graduated at Highbury College. Some people may say that college took over my life, I can agree on some levels but I make some time for play time!! :)

I attend Bournemouth University to study BSc Forensic Science. I eventually want to become an Forensic Pathologist so I can become the new "Queen of the dead!" :p... but that isn't going to happen!! :(

I love chocolate, pink, my daughter, my mum's dog, elephants, forensics, my collection of Heffalumps and Dronkies, vegetables, my phone, hash browns, further chemistry, the Black Eyed Peas album - the E.N.D, Alanis Morrisette, any music from P!nk, drinks, going out and good times!! :)

I hate my phone deleting my bio before I can save it grrr, meat, animal cruelty, hunting, poachers, any nature programme that makes me cry :(, tomatoes, mushrooms, back-stabbers, two-faced biatches (no names!), friends who do not deserve the title - which is exactly why they're not my friends, the telly taken over by beebies, missing the last repeats of programmes I really wanted to watch and lab reports that take 12 hours and my whole day off to complete!!


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Zoe Ross

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