Experienced marketing manager. Documented and known as the “Go to Guy”, for consistently demonstrating the ability to , get results, no matter the budget or deadline.
Hands on! That’s how I've learned and how I work. My goal is to become indispensable by demonstrating my creativity, enthusiasm and project management expertise.
Engaging with people is one of my best traits. Fortunately I have the gift of verbal and written communication, no matter the person's station in life or the task, I easily communicate, but more importantly, I'm a great listener. We cease to learn when we speak. Being a good listener is a skill that's just as important as speaking.
I have had particular success with new product introductions, launching a new product that set a sales record for the largest single order, in the 85 year history of the company.
I ask that you read my profile and contact me. I'm more than willing to listen to ideas where I can contribute my expertise in Graphic Arts, Sales, Marketing and project management in any industry. I can easily learn your business and adapt, for I
listen and enjoy learning. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications and how I can make a difference as a member of your team.


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Work History

Trade show Coordinator

National Gypsum

February 1984 - February 2009

Trade Show and Event Coordinator
• Accepted the additional responsibilities of trade show coordinator, saving over $100k annually.
• Demonstrated ability to work under severe time constraints using excellent organizational skills and time management techniques, always meeting trade show deadlines.
• Proven leadership to make persuasive presentations and maintain lasting relationships with customers and suppliers.
• Managed annual re-design of displays using effective listening and communication skills.
• Streamlined cost accounting process, resulting in annual savings in excess of $60k annually.
• Restructured on-line display ordering system, reducing time to manage the process.
• Performed demonstrations at trade shows and special events, introducing new products and systems, increasing sales and future opportunities.
• Conducted seminars throughout the country, educating national account customers on proper installation methods, features and benefits.
• Opened new markets in Canada, by developing creative custom marketing materials and displays, increasing sales by 20%.

Advertising Manager

National Gypsum Company

January 1984 - February 2009

Operations Leadership
• Successfully managed over 150 advertising specialty items and maintained website for merchandising to internal and external customers. Reduced production cost by $50k annually.
• Strengthened relationships with major apparel suppliers, increasing product offerings and reducing cost by 20%.
• Coordinated the restructuring and outsourcing of Merchandising Services Center functions, saving $800k annually. Successful in recruiting new employment for 18 employees affected by closing of MSC facility.
• Managed the production and distribution of all confidential correspondence relating to filing of Chapter 11.
• Demonstrated professionalism and commitment to company strategies and goals during chapter 11 filing process, convincing suppliers to continue business relationships, eliminating closings of 16 facilities and securing the continued supply of raw materials.
• Served on task-force charged with streamlining invoice distribution process, contributing to significant reduction of customer discounts due to late arrival of invoices. Received annual TQM award of excellence for participating on the team.

Graphic Services & Product Packaging Manager

National Gypsum Company

September 1978 - February 2009

704.999.3538 ▪ 9716 Hinson Drive, Matthews, NC 28105 ▪ mtherrell@windstream.net

A seasoned sales and marketing professional with extensive experience in consumer product marketing and the retail industry and a proven leader at increasing brand awareness, market share, and profitability. Highly organized manager and goal oriented team player with a creative, enthusiastic personality and exceptional communication and negotiation skills. Experienced managing all corporate communications printing and in procurement of all corporate marketing assets and services.

• Recognized and documented as the ‘go to guy’ by CEO of National Gypsum for managing projects, teamwork and advising all corporate departments, sales, marketing and manufacturing, on how to produce pertinent projects.
• Solid hands-on experience in every aspect of pre-press operations from directing creative design, photography, typography, graphic assets library, photography and printing equipment and experience operating printing presses and photo lab.
• Demonstrated ability to manage all production aspects of keeping projects running smoothly, by absorbing and performing the duties of vacant positions which were held concurrent with titled position, saving $350k annually.

Merchandising Services Manager

National Gypsum Company

September 1978 - February 2009

Supervised 13 hourly and 3 salaried associates at corporate in-plant marketing services facility.
Served as the direct liaison to national account customers for the design and production of all P.O.P. materials, related to the merchandising of gypsum board and finishing products.
Coordinated the restructuring and outsourcing of in-plant marketing facility services, saving $800K annually. Successful in recruiting new employment for those employees affected by closing of marketing services facility.
Managed the design, printing and production of all marketing, literature, product samples, photography, training videos and company branded apparel.
Authored and produced corporate identification manual, establishing graphic standards for corporate logo, product logos, brand names, facility and vehicle identification, ensuring corporate identification guidelines were monitored and enforced.
Served on taskforce charged with streamlining invoice distribution process, contributing to a significant reduction of customer discounts due to late arrival of invoices. Received president's award of excellence for participating on corrective action team.

Marketing Services/ Packaging & Trade show Mgr.

National Gypsum Company

September 1978 - February 2009

Managed the creation, design, production and fulfillment of all printed materials, for marketing, sales and all corporate departments and facilities.
Managed the design, production and coordination of all graphics, content, delivery, iinstallaion, trasporation and storage of all trade show booths and property associated with specific trade shows across the country, working with marketing staff and product managers.
Designed all product packaging, drywall end tapes, mulit-wall bags, plastic pails and corrugated cartons, as per plant and packaging equipment specifications, recommending improvements and managing all revisions and creations, with product managers and manufacturing facilities. Created an all in one package that included the tools necessary to finish a standare 12'x12' room, receiving the largest single sales order in company history.
Digitized over 500 office forms, transforming them into digital files for company based intranet, rather than printing each form and distribution to each location, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and improving delivery, enabling users to print on demand.
Managed three direct reports and sixteen in-direct reports that included an art director, assistant, manager of merchandising facility, with a staff of 13.
Managed company store, a 400k annual expense that employees used a web based system to purchase company and product branded items for personal or customer purchases and gifts.
Direct national accounts liaison for the creation, production and store distribution. Served as main contact for all packaging and upc scanning issues.
Directed all product photo shoots and wrote, directed, produced and edited all company and product videos.
Documented and recognized as the corporate go to guy for constantly demonstrating the ability to manage projects outside his area of expertise achieving results a seasoned expert in these specialized fields could not accomplish. Constantly displayed creativity.

Un-employed seasoned graphic Services Manager


January 1 - Present

Qualifications & Certifications


Central Piedmont Community College


East Mecklenburg High School

Michael Therrell

Matthews, North Carolina, USA