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Post your job using our simple form (did we mention it's free?) and leave it to us to find the right candidates for your job. Then, simply select the applicant you would like to hire - it's that easy!

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Why should I post a job?

  • 23 Million Service Professionals
    Post a job and get access to over 23 million people on SkillPages, with over 39 million services in 170 countries.
  • 19 Responses on Average
    Every job posted on SkillPages gets an average of 19 responses within 30 days of being online.
  • SkillMatcher Technology
    Our advanced technology matches your job to the most relevant people.
  • The Network
    When you get replies to your job on SkillPages you can see if the applicants know any of your friends, making shortlisting easier.
  • Online Management Tools
    Your SkillPages account allows you to edit your job posts, manage your job replies and communicate with candidates.
  • Save Time
    Take the time and trouble out of finding someone to do your jobs by posting a job on SkillPages.

Has it helped others to get jobs done?

Thousands of jobs are posted daily on SkillPages.

  • Vocalist for hire singing
    Stravos found a female vocalist for his latest album
  • Writer for hire writing
    Kezia finds writers from across the world
  • Actress for hire preparing
    Tess found an actress in London
  • Developer for hire coding
    Aamit uses SkillPages to find developers

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