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Work History


Chicago Bridge & Iron Company N.V. Chicago

2010 - 2012

on Modernization Project in Pancevo Oil Refinery, Serbia (Construction of a Mild Hydrocracking Complex and Hydrofinishing)
Evaluate, approve and monitor contractors QCP, Inspection and Test Plans, Testing Procedures, WPS/PQR, review of Parent and Filler Material Test Certificates.
Supervise and witness of Destructive, Non Destructive testing, Postweld Heat treatment, hydro, pneumatic and service tests.
Prepare and review Job Safety Analysis, Organization Chart, Field Inspection Forms and coordinate in inspection activities.
Attend Pre-inspection and Project inspection meeting with clients for confirmation of project QA/QC requirements and responsible for maintaining proper records to demonstrate that all the project requirements are met.
Attend Kick-off meetings with clients to discuss the inspection activities and safety procedures step by step.
Conduct training programs for welders, foreman, welding supervisors and inspectors.

WELDING ENGINEER - Assignment to Montavar Metalna Nova, Maribor, Slovenia

Nuclear Power Plant

2008 - 2010

Involved in supervision and inspection of all welding activities on site (major Projects):
• Olkiluoto 3, Nuclear Power Plant in Finland
• KW Neurath, Thermal Power Plant in Germany
• KW Boxberg, Thermal Power Plant in Germany
• HE Vuzenica, Hydroelectric Power Plant in Slovenia
• Kostolac, Thermal Power Plant in Serbia
Particular Quality inspection of pipelines including welding supervision and coordinate Postweld Heat treatment, Destructive and Non Destructive testing. Qualifying and Re-Qualifying welders and coordinate with Third Party. Interpretation of Radiography films in accordance with acceptance codes and standards.



2007 - 2008

Dubai, U.A.E.
Responsible to carry out all regular checks relating to quality and supports Fabrication, Docking and Workshops Departments. Write the necessary Welding Procedures and Qualifications for reconditioning of damaged engine components (piston crowns, valve spindles, valve seats, cylinders, housings and valve cages), assuring that failure rates are minimal and maintaining relevant records in the Quality Dept Files.
Conduct and co-ordinate Destructive Testing and NDT inspection using suitable aids for conformance with blueprint, applicable codes, standards and jobs order specification. Preparation of Quality Control Plans, Inspection and Test Plans and interpretation of radiographs. Routine checks for system conformance in company's key processes and support processes and perform internal quality audits.



2006 - 2007

Assignment to National Accredit Laboratory CertLab, Pancevo, Serbia
Assigned for shutdown inspection in:
• RASCO Ras L'nuf, Petrochemical Company in Libya
• Azotara, Chemical Fertilizer Production Company in Pancevo, Serbia
• NIS Petroleum Industry in Pancevo, Serbia
• Pecinci, Sugar factory in Serbia
Responsible for Quality Engineering functions of the company to ensure compliance to the company's QMS. Prepare ITP, WPS/PQR, Quality Procedures and submitting to client for approval. Organize welding and NDT inspection in prefabrication shops and on sites and perform interpretation of radiographs.


Mineloprema, Pancevo, Serbia

2005 - 2006

Assignment to Mineloprema, Pancevo, Serbia
Preparation of welding procedures and qualifications and monitoring fabrication of: ASME Pressure Vessels, Pipelines, Process Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks for Clients:
• HIP, Petrochemical Company in Pancevo, Serbia
• NIS, Oil and Gas Company in Pancevo, Serbia
• TENT A Obrenovac, Thermal Power Plant in Serbia
• Vreoci, Coal mine in Serbia
Maintain control, update and monitor all WPS and PQR in accordance to the standards, international relevant codes and recommended practice. Conducts Welder and Welding Operator qualification tests for all types of welding work on a periodic basis to ensure that all welders, engaged in every project, are qualified and certified.


HIP Petroremont

2004 - 2005

Assignment to HIP Petroremont, Pancevo, Serbia
Prepare technical documentation of process equipment in Petrochemical and Oil industry.

Field QA/QC Manager

Metalvar, Maribor, Slovenia

2012 - Present

on GoBiGas Project as Jacobs subcontractor in Gothenburg Energy, Gothenburg, Sweden (erection of a biomass-gasification plant with SNG-Production 20 MW).
Responsible of quality control and all quality control activities on the Project.
Assist in the development and review of the project Quality Plan and Inspection and Test Plan.
Assist in developing a jobsite orientation program to ensure the project team is familiar with the requirements of the Inspection and Test Plan.
Responsible for the performance of all inspection and testing activities as defined by Contract.
Establish and manage a field document control system for construction, specifications, test and inspection reports, vendor data and as-built drawings.
Responsible and manage testing of piping systems, flushing, chemical cleaning and mechanical completion
Prepare Organization Chart, Field Inspection Forms and manage in all inspection activities.
Attend Pre-inspection and Project inspection meeting with clients for confirmation of project QA/QC requirements
Attend Kick-off meetings with clients to discuss the inspection activities.

Qualifications & Certifications

Production engineering

Novi Sad, Serbia

Leadership Workshop

Luka Ozegovic

Belgrade, Serbia