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Dear Reader
I have experience in runway modeling as well as portrait modeling! My runway modeling included modeling for four different wedding companies and a flower company! For portrait modeling however, I have done much more, I went to school to be a professional photographer (which also helps with knowing how to pose myself other than it does come really naturally to me) so I modeled for my class mates many many times! Some days I would model for 5 hours at a time! I absolutely love modeling and would love to do more of it! If you are contact me and I'll send you a portfolio if you want! I hope to hear from you!

Nicole Jacobson

  • 2 Years
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I am a young graduate who graduated with a degree in Professional Photography from Ridgewater College in Willmar, Minnesota in May of 2011! I specialized in portrait, commercial and wedding photography! I have a lot of talent and I am very creative in my ideas and I love to try new things! I am a member of MNPPA (Minnesota Professional Photographer Association) and PPA (Professional Photographers Association). While we were in college we were required to enter in competitions which I feel challenged us to be better and more creative! Ridgewater is a very well known for their photography courses and I am proud to have been apart of that and I want to enable those skills and put them into something more outstanding and change peoples lives!

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Bitter Sweet


This was one of my assignments for commercial class in photography school. I back lit the lemon and mixed honey and corn syrup and drizzled it on the lemon.




Kathleen was one of my models in photography school! This was taken for an assignment. I especially like the unique crop on this photograph its different but it works with the whole image itself...her attitude, clothing...everything. I added a stroke inside the photograph just to give it a little something more...not too much just enough.


To be young forever


This was one of my clients daughter! The top view adds more to the photograph then say straight on angle to the camera. The tree brach is a leading line to the center of interest, the little girls face. It also frames her in the photograph nicely.

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Assistant/ Second shooter (internship)

Black Line Photo

April 2011 - April

This is where I did my internship! It was a 3 week long program Ridgewater had us do in order to graduate. We each choose where we wanted to go and applied. While I was here I was Jon's (owner) second shooter. I helped him with a wedding and senior shoots as well as children. I also helped him edit his photos. I learned a lot about how to run a business and different techniques to use in my photography! It was a great experience. While I was on internship I also got to follow a fashion photographer from New York with my friend Jared and his Internship Photographer in Duluth, Minnesota! That was definitely eye opening and a great learning experience!

Part Time Team Lead

Party City

February 2008 - Present

I am a part time Team Lead at Party City. I am in charge of my team of employees while I am on duty. I am responsible for talking to corporate, handling all customer problems, handling all monies bank deposits, posting, counting off and on registers. I am also responsible for setting new sets to plan-o-grams. Customer service is number one here! I'm with customers every single second I am at work!

Team Member / Barista

Caribou Coffee

January 2012 - Present

The manager at this caribou asked me to apply so I did. She knew she wanted me to be on her team because she has seen me work at Party City and she knew I was a hard worker and passionate about what I do! I ring up customers drinks and also help make them! Caribou Coffee is all about knowing your customers by name and engaging in them when they come in for their coffee. It also is a bonus when you know what they always get so you can start it ready as they are pull in the parking lot! Its more personal!

Team Member

Rogers Movie Theater

August 2011 - Present

I am on concessions here at the movie theater and deal with customers every moment working here! I also clean theaters some times when I'm not on concessions.

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Ridgewater College

Diploma in Professional Photography

Elk River High School

Professional Photography

Ridgewater College

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Nicole Jacobson

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