Strategist and creative thinker who delivers exciting and consistent works driven by a passion for multidisciplinary design.
Specialist in integrated communication and emotional branding with a strong believe in a hands on approach, a solid capability to manage teams, real knowledge of materials, production techniques and visual communication. Perceptive of multi-sensorial experiences and contemporary web based tools. Easy to work with, and passionate about developing and focusing the skills of the people around me.
Above all committed to help clients to create innovative strategies and the vital tools to succeed in business, acting as a partner and aiming for lasting results.

With more than a decade of experience in the design industry, my creative direction skills spring from product design and interior design and have developed through branding, graphic design, and identity projects. Several years of practice in commercial photography complete my capability to manage complex projects, from concept to delivery.

Published Works

• The Big Book of Logos #5, Harper-Collins Publishers, New York, 2007 (Seven branding projects)
• New Urban Elements, Links International, Spain, 2006 (Four industrial design products)
• Global Corporate Identity 3, Harper-Collins Publishers, New York, 2006 (8 awards and published logo and corporate identity projects)
• 100%LightPower, Almerico de Angelis, Milano, 2005 (Three industrial design products)

• Wine museum Frascati, DETAILS nr.01, A&C Publishing, Korea, 2007
• Mel Dans lighting, DOMUS nr.882, Editoriale Domus SpA, Milano, 2005
• Wine museum Frascati, FLARE Architectural Magazine nr.40, Editrice Habitat Srl, Milano, 2005
• Mel Dans lighting, Luce e Design nr. 4, Tecniche Nuove, Milano, 2004


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Luca worked in the design industry for many years, founding two successful companies and being employed for some "big name".
For him photography has been always a huge passion, an inherited love that was a useful tool as a designer and now his lifestyle.
He is always experimenting to discover new points of view on common situations, human behaviours, objects and places.
Lately someone said his work could be called art.
Doubtful, he goes on playing around.

2011 Int'l Photography Awards™ 1st Place Fine Art Collage
2010 Int'l Photography Awards™ Honorable Mention
Urban Category winner - Guardian's "Britain iS" competition

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Thanks to a strong branding background, I deliver tailored interiors and exhibit spaces with special care to build consistent spaces for entertainment, hospitality and offices.

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Exhibit design


Sooner or later, you will need to exhibit into a fair or a show.
Alternatively, a tailored event could explain your company even better.

These are great opportunities to attract and emotion customers and prospects.

Work History

Image Inspector


January 2006 - January 2010

Reviewed image content being uploaded into the Getty iStockphoto collection checking for technical quality and legal/copyright issues.

Creative Director + Photographer


November 2009 - Present

His wide creative experience brings in his commercial photography an efficient and focused approach that is translated in more than 100'000 images sold through the Gettyimages/iStockphoto libraries.

3D Design Director

The Brand Union

August 2008 - May 2008

Senior Interior Designer

Foster and Partners

March 2008 - December 2007

Creative Director

Pomegranate Group Ltd

July 2007 - May 2007

Co-Founder / Creative Director

DA2 Strategic Design

March 2003 - March 2003

Co-Founder / Art Director


February 1997 - January 1997


STA - Sistemi di Trasporto

June 1996

Qualifications & Certifications

Interior & Industrial Designer

Istituto Quasar Design University Roma

Luca Di Filippo

London, England, UK