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Social Media Specialist

I have been working online for 13 years in the social media arena.My Specialty: Social Networking and Administration

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Excessa Personalised Wellness

Associate (February 2012 - Present)

By completing our Free Health Check you can work out your own road map to better, more vibrant health that is based entirely on natural solutions. Take our FREE Health Check today. http://www.LisaSimpkins.nutrichecker.com


Founding Leader (February 2012 - Present)

How we find the optimum balance of vitamins and minerals for your body

NutriChecker is a complete, online nutritional service. We develop a personalised solution tailored just for you. This website brings together years of knowledge and experience in the field of nutritional therapy to help you to identify and support your body's dietary and lifestyle needs. It also identifies nutrients, based on your specific lifestyle that are likely to be most suited to support you. Our simple and easy-to-follow process works in two steps:

Step 1. We assess you

Your individual health needs are assessed by our in-depth and confidential online Health Check, which is developed by qualified nutritionists.

Step 2. We tell you about our findings and give you personalised Nutrient Recommendations

We analyze your answers carefully to produce a set of nutrient recommendations for you to print or download. The recommendations details the specific actions nutrients you need in order to best improve yoru health and wellbeing. We recommend the combination of nutrients and supplement ingredients - vitamins, minerals, essential fats, herbs and more - that will best suit your various Body Systems to help you buy the supplements that are likely to be most appropriate to help you maintain your health, vitality and quality of life.

Prosperity Marketing System

Affiliate (January 2009 - Present)

Joan Herring

CNA (April 1993 - August 1998)

Certified Nursing Care

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Ashland University


American InterContinental University

web design

American InterContinental University

computer science

Highland Park High School

Ced Juscelino Kubitschek


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