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I had to be able to schedule all inbound freight to fit the needs of the receiving department. Had to schedule loads by what they where in order to know how long it would take to offload. Made sure next day receiving was done before deadline to make sure there was enough work for the next day. Had to communicate with the receiving manager at all times of what was schedule for future days.

Credentials (1)

Work History


Toys R Us

April 1990 - July 2012

Assisted in various departments while at Toys-R-US DC, such as ACS where I was responsible for returns to vendor, inter area transfers and supplies for all the stores that our distribution center was responsible for. Also did auditing in the warehouse, cycle counts. I then moved into the scheduling department where I was responsible for the scheduling of all inbound freight to the distribution center. That is where I worked with the MRS system to link all inbound into the distribution by PO which would create labels internally for processing, and then bursted labels for the other departments. While working in my department I would check appointments prior to being filed internally for shortages or overages. I also have experience in putting together receiving packages together for the receivers. Also work in the Receiving office, checking in drivers, signing bills and making all paper work matched up. While working at Toys-R-US over the 22 years I have developed excellent communication skills when it comes to telephone, emails and inter personnel. I am trained in lean logistics and familiar with the lean logistics processes for the scheduling.

Night Manager

Bakers Drive-thru

February 1989 - January 1990

I performed manger responsibilities while working the night shift at Bakers Drive Thur. My
responsibilities included those of: insuring the facility and staff where both in great working
condition, counted money and made sure the registers were zero out for the shift. I handled all
customer concerns and complaints, also while at Bakers Drive-Thru I developed great
customer service skills.

Qualifications & Certifications

Fontana High School

Summit College

Debbie Martinez

Colton, CA, USA