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I'm a Silk and Canvas artist, Interior Designer and Decorator, Photographer, Jewelry Designer, Accessories Designer, Craft Designer, Fabric Designer. Fashion Designer(by heart), Furniture Restoration Wall Artist and more I create and create. I can also teach all my work. My skills are very wide and I truly love what I do.
My Skills working on Walls or Any Area are creating and making all kind of effects designing beautiful and diversities of murals, custom walls, stenciling and stamping, geometric art, marble finishing, spattering, woodgraining and dragging, sponging and colorwashing, stippling and rag-rolling, glazing, texture painting and anything i can create for you or your company. I also have designed all king of ornaments and furniture. So I can help you reach the most of the area to work.
Whenever you need some work for your home or business please contact me without no compromise, to help you find the ideal design, decor or work at any area of my skills.

Thank you!
All the best

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Veronica Bahman

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I am a Silk Artist, if you want to create a very special piece of art for a big wall or any area of your office, a company or personal scarfe or any decor item on Silk painting for your home or for a dear one, please contact me. I will help you!

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Scarves on Silk


I have many passions and one of them is design and hand paint scarves on the best Silk. Each of my artistic scarves are one of a kind as most of my designs are. I use the best materials and free myself to deliver a beautiful wearable piece of art.
Contact me and I can design for you the most fine and beautiful artistic scarf for that special one, or to make a statement in your office or company, I can help you to design a scarf that applied for the advertisement for an event so you can give to your future customers the best impression.
There are so many ideas to make a scarf or a tie the center of your attention. Is the first thing you notice when somebody is coming your way, It flows with the wind , and moves with such an elegance, so much glamour!
Contact me and i will help you!


Art , Wall, Photographs and designs.


Here I'm showing a little flash of photographs of my art on silk , my art on canvas, drawing, art on wall, and designs. So you have an idea of my style and some of my work.

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December 2008 - Present

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Interior designer and decoration

University of Art and Design (Chile)

Special Effects for any area or material.

Atenea School

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Veronica Bahman

San Bernardino, California, USA