Ive been drawing since i picked up a pencil, I would very much like to make a living doing somthing that i enjoy drawing artwork.


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I have been drawing since the age of 8. My main interest is comic art and I have a portfolio of various genres both in ink and colour. I specialise in the genres of horror and action. Most of my work is based on my own characters drawn in mainly ink, however, I can colour if required. I have a strong interest in 2000AD because of the great artwork done by the range of artists. Currently, I am working on a selection of short comic strips.

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As I draw my own graphic novels I base them on subjects I am interested in and films that influenced my imagination. Much of my work is based on things that I have personally thought of due to having a vivid imagination. Many of my scripts are based on Sci-fi/Horror/Survival and Adventure; some of which I would personally like to do myself.

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st edmund champion

Archbishop Grimshaw School

Stuart Patrick

Birmingham, UK