I really don't know why I'm on Skill Pages. I don't think I ever put myself on it. I'll be 84 years old in June. However, I always did like teaching and even subbed and/or tutored in my seventies. But now my children don't want me to drive a car anymore so if I tutor, the folks have to come to my house. I started teaching full time in 1948 in Manistique, Michigan. I had 40 fourth graders at that time. There were no aides. We did our own recess duty and taught all subjects except that there was a music teacher who came into the classroom for a half hour once a week. The students were good and well behaved. We had fun. Two years later the acting superintendent from the Michigan School for the Deaf in Flint hired me to teach there. That was a wonderful experience. Six years later, I married a man from the Upper Peninsula. The rest of my teaching has been done in the U.P.of Michigan. Now all 3 of my children are school teachers.


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Work History

Counselor. Rest Attendant. Dining Room worker. Unit Leader.

Bay Cliff Health Camp


Now and then. First time, summer 1950 and several times afterwards.

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Majoring in special ed: Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University

2 year program. Got a State Limited certificate.

Northern Michigan University

Mid Peninsula

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Helmi Lepisto

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