Sylvie Carneiro

Sylvie Carneiro

Wallingford Center, Wallingford, CT, USA

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French Speaker

i was born and raised in France until the age of 14 ,speak french fluently.

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Sylvie Carneiro's Work Experience

Sylvie's Quality Cleaning, Seymour

Owner/operator (October 2001 - Present)

I own a cleaning business called Sylvie's Quality Cleaning. I have over 25 clients that I provide services to Residential / commercial cleaning. I oversee three employees.
The workload is to schedule and organize client workload and ensure customer satisfaction.
Conducting new site quotes to obtain new clientele.
Assume all responsibility of the business, the payroll, the scheduling, the account receivable, and monitor client satisfaction.


Material manager/Purchasing manager/Production Manager /CHIEF INSPECTOR /ASSISTANT MANAGER (August 1991 - 2001)

• Planning and scheduling the production daily workload according to sales.
• Ensuring that Process controls were compliant with customer request for satisfaction according to their specifications and the associates on the manufacturing floor where trained accordingly by performing training in English and Spanish language to assure the understanding of process.
• Designing specifications and drawing according to customer specification for Workflow Improvements.
• Take parts in Cross-Functional Communication between departments.
• Approving and controlling materials incoming to ensure a Lean Manufacturing inventory.
• Following the Forecast of sales & planning Inventory according to material reports, interfacing with vendor, Suppliers over delivery dates and in house scheduling.
• Responsible for the Scheduling of Outside process job trough planning and identifying in house needs of incoming materials.
Responsibilities are to be a Customer service representative for orders and create invoices from Swedish parent company to receive in house materials.
• Responsible to schedule daily schedule for production associates for high volume production.
• Coordinates and oversee the Process flow and material flow and logistics.
• Responsible for cost reduction to ensure the inventory on hand is manageable.
• Managed and direct a staff of two buyers on a daily bases.
• Responsible for scheduling all production associates, training according to QS9000 specs for manufacturing procedures.
• Scheduled, cycle counts, year-end full physical inventory and quality inspection.
• Drove the reduction of lost employee time and decreased the cost to the company by chairing the companywide safety committee.
• Managed, strained, and hired 50 full time employees and over 30-40 seasonal help.
• Responsibility included the supervision for in process inspection, first piece inspection plating, outgoing inspection to Jedec standard n.9, and welder inspection.
• Ability to read blueprints and...

Inspection supervisor (December 1986 - 1991)

• Responsible for high volume production, scheduling of finish goods trough production and inspections process for customer satisfaction and company standards.
• Responsible for in process inspection, first piece inspection plating, outgoing inspection to Jedec standard n.9, and welder inspection
• Ability to read blueprints and follow the customer blueprints specifications and to ensure that all basic tools and gauges where utilized.
• Managed and trained a staff of five inspectors on a daily basis.

Job and computer skills

• Microsoft office,
• LOTUS 2-3,

Sylvie Carneiro's Education

Ansonia High School


1983 attended Ansonia High School. Ansonia, CT. High School Diploma.


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