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Skilled on Forklifts up to 45,000 lbs Skilled in Exel,Word Process,Micro Solfware and Goverment Solfware Skilled in Interpreted and Utilized in Military Specifications,Technical Manuels and Shipping Documents Skilled in Receiving,Inventory,Supply,Packing,Shipping,Warehousing,Distribution, and Logistics

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Material Examiner & Identifier Forklift Operator


July 2006 - July

Responsible for receiving ,classify and verify materials and equipment by National Stock Number. Visually inspects usable property for condition. Responsible for determining reportability and special handling requirements. Downgrades elilible property by condition code. Upon receipt assign appropriate classification instruction for warehousing. Maintain specify property segregation such; (DEMIL)Demilitarization,(DEMAN)Demanufacturing,(FPI)Federal Prison Industries. Periodic inventory of property. Creates a Bill of Lading for impact sities shipments. Responsible for processing data into (DAISY);Defense Reutilization Marking Automated Information System. Such as; receiving, usable property, harazous materials/hazardous waste, scrap property,electronic turn-in documents,warehousing/storage daily reports,adjustments,reports of exess and surplus personal property etc; Access (DAISY) for disposal process,reutilization/transfer/donations, sales, and demilitarization. Use (DRMS) solfware (CAMS)Campliance Assistance System. (DLIS) Defense Logistics Information System. (FEDLOG);Federal Logistics Database. (MIDAS);Management Information Distribution and Acess System. (WEBDOCS);Web base documents.Operate/Inspect forklifts from 4,000 lb to 15,000 lb cap. to load and unload a wide variety materials, property, and equipment. Working condition include working outside in extreme cold and heat. Required to wear safety equipment.

Qualifications & Certifications

Property Accounting Basic Course

Defense Reutilization and Marketing Services


One week courseDefense Logistics Agency

Introduction to DRMS DEMIL Course

Defense Logistics Agency

Defense (Refresher) Packaging Hazardous for Aor Transportation Course

Logistics Management College

Defense Marking for Shipment and Storage Course

Logistics Management College

Defense Preservation and Intermediate Protection Course

Logistics Management College

Vehicle Processing for Shipment and Storage Course

Logistics Management College

Warehousing Operations Course

Logistics Management College-Washington,DC

Basic Warehousing Course

Logistics Management College-Washington,DC

Basic Preservation and Packing Course

Logistics Management College

Hazardous Material Handling Course

Logistics Management College

Defense Packaging of Hazardous Materials for Transportion Course

Logistics Management College

MHE Operators Course

MCLB Barstow CA

Defense Packing and Unitization Course

Logistics Management College

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