Since I left University I´ve been working for great companies and projects and music bands that changed my life.

First I worked at the University of Alicante as a researcher, were we developed internal tools and web services for a digital library, as well as its test automation (everything done in Java).

I worked as a software developer engineer in test for Microsoft Ireland developing the test cases and test tools for the Mobile Advertisement Platform, which was a web service (we used visual studio and .NET technologies, C#).

I am currently a GUI developer and tester at skillpages.com, a next-generation social network for finding people with skills. We use here ASP.NET MVC, C#, Javascript, CSS and HTML. For testing the UI we use Visual Studio Team Suite with Selenium.

I also had C++ as my main programming language at university, which I loved. My end of degree project was done in C/C++ and it had more than 20k lines of code.

I would love to work in the music industry someday.


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Playing on defense of an amateur football team. Low level skills, but improving.

  • 5 Years
  • Not considering opportunities right now

Software Developer in different technologies: ASP.NET MVC, Visual Studio, C#, C++, Java, Eclipse, NetBeans, CVS, Tortoise, Javascript, Jquery, CSS, HTML, Backbone ...

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5+ years of experience as a guitar player in different styles: punk, hard rock, heavy metal and thrash metal.

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Skilled gamer in multiple games (especially FPS) such as:

- Battlefield
- Call of Duty
- Quake series
- Half-Life series and mods
- Doom series
- Unreal series

- Fifa series
- Pro evolution soccer series
- Starcraft
- X-Com series
- Silent hill series

... and many more.

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Experience as a secondary actor in some short movies and music videos.

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I run very often, just for pleasure, not for competition.

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Work History

GUI Developer, Mobile developer and GUI Developer in Test


July 2010 - Present

Graphic User Interface developer at SkillPages.com in ASP.NET MVC, C#, Javascript and JQuery. - http://www.skillpages.com

UI Tester with Visual Studio Team Suit, Watin and Selenium.

Mobile developer in HTML5 & CSS3 - http://mobile.skillpages.com

Software Developer Engineer in Testing

Microsoft Ireland

January 2008 - May 2010

• Automation of test for Microsoft Mobile Advertisement Platform using Microsoft technologies (Visual Studio, .NET, C#)
o Carrier and Handset Data quality test: Development of test cases to ensure a minimum quality of production data before it goes to production. Data source in different formats (excel, xml, SQL DB).
o Internal tools test: Development of test cases and test tools for ensuring the quality of the internal tools, as well as its integration and performance.
o Web service test: Development of test cases and test tools for ensuring the quality of the online product, as well as its integration and performance.
o Development: Active participation with developer and program manager, document reviews, code reviews.

Software Developer / Researcher

Junior R&D Engineer at Virtua - Centro Desarrollo de Proyectos

January 2008 - September 2008

• Plone Product development
o OAI: Development of a product for Plone/Zope in Python for improving the dissemination of digital contents.
• Video game development for teaching English
o Videogame development expert consultant: Formed part of the early stages of video game development as a consultant. Introduced Visionaire to the videogame developing team.
• Miguel Cervantes digital library development
o Fedora Commons developer: Worked on tools for interacting with Fedora Commons data repository in java.
o Internal Tools Development: Development in Eclipse and Netbeans of offline java internal tools for data processing and data conversions.
o Amazon S3 libraries development: Developed java libraries for working with data stored within Amazon S3 web services using REST.
o Testing: Wrote unit test for the developed tools in JUnit.
• Researcher
o Researched for improving the previous Miguel Cervantes digital library, including search engines (indexing tools), data storage (Amazon S3) and interaction with data (Fedora Commons).

Web programmer and designer


January 2002 - December 2007

• Static web site developer and designer
o Wrote website structures in HTML with Macromedia Dreamweaver
o Designed multimedia content in Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Flash.
• Dynamic web site developer
o I’ve developed websites in PHP for implementation of dynamic content, such as forums, file managers, content editors, …
o Use of MySQL databases for storing user and content information.
• Webmaster
o Manager of contents for a period of time, including server data management in FTP and content publishing.

Qualifications & Certifications

B.S. & M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering

Universitat d'Alacant

Master in Software Engineering

Högskolan i Skövde

I.E.S Virgen del Remedio

Xavier Torregrosa Jorques

Dublin, Ireland