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File Clerk

US Census Bureau 11/1998 - 3/1999 & 10/2010 - 6/2011 - Filed maps and address registers

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Anita Zonder's Work Experience


Clerical/ Mail Room (February 2014 - Present)

Contract, intermittent position at financial institution
Extracted, sorted, and processed mail


Temp Worker/ Mailroom Clerk (March 2013 - January 2014)

Contract, intermittent position at a financial institution
Extracted, sorted, and processed mail

York Companies

Temp Worker/ Warehouse Help (July 2012 - December 2012)

Temporary positions at warehouses and factories:
Examined products to verify they met quality standards

Speed Art Museum

Security Attendant (October 2004 - September 2012)

Guarded designated areas to protect the art
Warned people when they broke rules
Gave directions to customers
Locked up at close

US Census Bureau

Lead Geography Clerk (October 2010 - September 2011)

Reported time and attendance
Assigned work units to the clerks
Tracked and logged clerk assignments on spreadsheets
Obtained binders of work for the clerks
Performed quality control of address registers
Coded industries and occupations
Utilized computer programs to compare address file records to map spots and to update and correct maps

US Census Bureau

Matching Technician (May 2010 - July 2010)

Reviewed a computer match of the data from the original interview to that of the second interview for the same housing unit for each case
Entered the appropriate decision codes into the database system based on the technical review

US Census Bureau

Statistical Clerk (December 2004 - May 2010)

Opened and sorted census forms
Assembled various kits used by enumerators and others in the field
Researched companies on the internet and then made reminder calls to businesses that received the census forms, but did not return them
Scanned census forms electronically in order to input data into computer
Conducted interviews by telephone


Temp Worker/ Associate (October 2001 - January 2004)

US Census Bureau

Statistical Clerk/ Geography Clerk (November 1998 - August 2001)

Coded industries and occupations
Keyed census forms from computer image and from paper
Transcribed from one census form to another (on paper)
Answered questions from persons calling about a survey
Filed maps and address registers
Completed automated control and kept records with computer

Anita Zonder's Education

Spalding University

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (May 1984)

University of Louisville


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