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Ex Soldier

I went to a Military Boarding School in Somerset where i was there for three years.training to be a soldier where i gained extra responsibility when i become a sergeant After school went into army light infantry then a paratrooper.
Where i was trained in cover, camouflage & concealment, fighting positions, marksmanship,communications,
Also I was in the T A for a time.

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Going back to College for more Health & Safety level 3 and First Aid level 2 View update 2 Apr File attached

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Barnsley Media College

Student (February 2014 - March 2014)

Was on a six week training course for Maths, English, Health & Saffety in the work place level 2 and employment training.


Picker (April 2013 - April 2013)

I worked for Asos as a order picker in their big distribution centre. Picking customers orders to meet deadlines at a fast moving pace that is set out by the company with always keeping Health & Safety in place.

British Heart Foundation

Volunteer (January 2012 - March 2013)

Volunteering in a retail outlet, where I serve customers, use the cash register, am involved in stock rotation and keeping the store clean and tidy. In addition, I am responsible for the security of the shop and maintaining health and safety standards.


Picker/Packer (January 2004 - January 2006)

The work involved pricing goods up order picking of toys, loading and unloading deliveries and working to timescales to complete tasks. In addition, being a active and effective team member,ensuring work areas were kept clean and tidy.
Also I was a first aider and a Health & Safety rep and gained extra responsibility when I was promoted to a supervisor and staff trainer.

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North Star College

Hotel & Catering 7o61 (September 1998 - September 1999)

Midelney Place, Military Boarding School

(1977 - 1982)

I was at a Military Boarding School in Somerset.
Where i was trained in cover, camouflage & concealment, fighting positions, marksmanship,communications


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