Depag Furniture

Depag Furniture

Damietta, Dumyat, Egypt

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Interior Designer

My name is Muhammad Faraj very love the furniture industry and this to be part of the province of Damietta where she was born
As is the case in Damietta, I graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and a specialist in the sport of swimming, but my love of furniture design and hobby made ​​me be a company to produce furniture toxicity Dibaj specializing in the production of living rooms and that's what I love and very well done
Thank you

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classic living room from depag Share

This kit consists of 2 sofa +2 chair + table
This kit factory of red beech wood
All sponge which was Upholstery kit of the highest densities of 35
Cloth, which the kit Turkish cloth Velour

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depag furniture Factory

Egypt. Damietta.el sananeya village.Islamic next to the pool Dibaj to manufacture furniture (September 2007 - Present)

Dibaj Furniture Factory
We specialize in living rooms Modern and steel and Classic
Privileged position the experience of not less than 10 years we have gained through the confidence of all who deal with us

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Mansoura University

Bachelor of Physical Education (May 1998 - May 2003)


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