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Running a small home studio for personal use, typically recording live instrumentation.

Experience with drums, bass, guitar, vocals and keys, and currently working on improving both my engineering and my mixing.

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Internal backoffice tool for SkillPages


One of my main responsibilities at SkillPages is the development and maintenance of the Backoffice tool. This is an internal website through which many important activities can be performed, such as monitoring spam, vetting opportunities, examining key statistic, and others.


Fathead II


As part of putting together a home studio I'm slowly amassing a small collection of microphones. Recently the family has grown one larger as I procured a Cascade Fathead II. This is the first ribbon mic I've owned, and it's now officially the most fragile I have. Traditionally ribbon microphones have been very fragile, owing to the fact that it is based around a narrow aluminium strip, used to capture the sound. Modern models are more robust, but a direct blast of wind (such as that coming out of a kick drum, a plosive sound made by a singer) can destroy the mic, so pop shields are a must.

Got a chance to check it out this weekend on some vocals, along with an acoustic guitar. I was surprised at how different the sound was compared to the Oktava-MK012 condenser I've been using, very warm sounding, and definitely compliments the vocals well - I look forward to trying it on a guitar cabinet.




This is some images and audio of my most recent project, Annapurna.

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Software Developer


June 2011 - Present

Computer Assistant

Queen's University Belfast

September 2010 - June 2011

Automated Test Engineer

American Dynamics

July 2010 - August 2010

Intern Software Development Engineer

Microsoft Ireland Research

July 2008 - June 2009

Factory line worker, intern engineer

Bulrush Horticulture Ltd.

July 2005 - March 2008

Software Developer



Software Developer


January 2010 - March

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MEng Electronic and Software Engineering

Queen's University Belfast

Queen's University Belfast

Rainey Endowed School


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Connor Walls

Dublin, Ireland