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Kansilay Online


A 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game that takes you into a fantasy world full of excitement, adventure and monsters. With several ways to train your character, Kansilay Online is an on going project purely coded in VC++ with DirectX and OpenGL extensions with several revisions already applying newer techniques in game design.

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A point of sale and a menu system specifically designed for Bars, restaurants utilizing the chinese google android aware IRobot as a front end (menu book and a Point of Sale).

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Dataline Enterprise for Silay Institute


A suite of interlinked Application Software specifically designed for Silay Institute to provide an easy-to-use integrated student registration/management software system that streamlines registration/administrative tasks throughout the entire school. Built from ground-up utilizing DELPHI with leading-edge features such as student registration, report writers with graphics, activity planner, integrated e-mail, e-portfolios, photo ID cards, skills-based report cards, students accounts, student information online and thru SMS, and IPAD and any google android handhelds thru WIFI, and so much more. The Web portal can improve school-to-home communication by making homework, grades, attendance, schedules, discipline and more available online.

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Systems Developer

Silay Institute, Inc.

June 2003 - Present

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Computer Aided Design

Informatics Computer Institute

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University of St. La Salle

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Geno Maxmillano

Western Visayas, Philippines