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Van Allen & Associates

Certified Passion Test Facilitator (April 2011 - Present)

Facilitating the Passion Test for Individuals, Business and Relationships

The Belief Quotient

Author, speaker, trainer (January 2010 - Present)

The Belief Quotient is Dr. Lisa Van Allen's soon to be published book that identifies the 7 beliefs that either support or sabotage your success. Dr. Lisa has presented The Belief Quotient to corporate and non-profit audiences offering strategies and tools for building better, empowering beliefs.

Van Allen & Associates

The Biz Doctor: Certified Professional Life & Business Coach (January 2006 - Present)

The Biz Doctor

Kaplan University

Regional Chair for Allied Health Programs (February 2004 - June 2006)

Responsible for program development and accreditation of allied health programs on 5 college campuses in Iowa / Nebraska.

Radiology Consultants of Iowa, PLC

Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (January 2002 - January 2004)

Responsible for contracting and compliance for largest radiology group in the state of Iowa. Also responsible for business office and IT department staff.

Healthy Linn

Executive Director (January 1999 - January 2002)

Community Health Improvement Planning agency responsible for the development of community health plan for Linn County Iowa and surrounding counties and implementation through community collaboration. Funded by private hospitals, public agencies, and grants.

Lifeline Testing and Counseling Services

Owner, Clinical Psychologist (February 1991 - August 1999)

Private clinical psychology practice specializing in diagnosis and treatment of learning and behavior disorders.

Lisa Van Allen's Education

California School of Professional Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary

Counseling Psychology

University of California, Berkeley

Learning & Behavior Specialist, Teaching Credential


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