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I have a blog where I post from time to time the blog is here - http://blogs.24.com/walmul/ my opinion on matters related to religion is posted here.

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Author (January 2001 - Present)

As a young man the idea to write a book entered my mind, what it was supposed to be were not clear at that stage, although I had a passionate interest in religion, writing about it was not on my mind at that stage. The years went by, and my notes on my personnal investigation on religion became many note pads. Eventually in 2001 I wrote a proof which ended up as ash, in 2007 I published the first book, "Jesus The Keeper of the Truth", a year later "Unchaste Deception" followed, the 15 th of September 2009, my third book "FSH" were released. In 2011 "WE QUESTION!" followed.

These books are about my perception on religion, an investigation which took many turns, shocking me to the core as it undoubtedly will shock many readers. I trust that those who read them will keep an open mind, it is my findings, my perspective, my advice to anybody reading and have read the first two books already is to do your own investigation, find your own truth's, fortunately or unfortunately none of us see the world through the same eyes.

I might write another book on the subject, I might not, but writing is what I do now.


self employed

Author (Present)

Crown Decorations

Site Supervisor (December 2005 - November 2011)

Did contract work as painter for different main contractors in Johannesburg area.
Duties Included:
• Collecting and delivering of material to and from sites.
• Ordering of materials
• Compiling of quotations
• General administration, etc…
• Handling of workers wages, hiring, settling disputes, overseeing daily running of work to be done. At times running two contracts simultaneously, taking care of up to 30 workers on a daily basis.

Crown Decorations

Site Manager (December 2005 - November 2011)


author (January 2010 - January 2011)


author (January 2010 - January 2011)

Stragler Auto/WM Tracers/WM Labour Consultant/WM Builders

Owner (January 1996 - November 2005)

WM Tracers
• Took on assignments of looking for missing people, and also debt collecting for various legal firms.
WM Labor Consultant
• Consulted with Businesses on Human Capital Issues, Employee Contracts, and Disciplinary Hearings, etc…
Stragler Auto & Mechanical
• Owned a workshop that did repairs and auto body repairs to different kind of vehicles. Also sales of second hand vehicles.
WM Builders
• Sub Contractor on medium size alterations to businesses and home owners as well as painting of various large business establishments.

WM Labour Consultants/Wm Builders/WM Tracers/Stragler Auto

Owner manager (January 1996 - November 2005)

Mega Pipe

Working foreman (March 1991 - September 1995)

My duties were to manufacture fittings to the specifications of various companies. I worked with pipes varying in size from 40 MM to 2.1 meter in diameter. My work was too built from segment bends to manifolds, to any angle and shape pipe or fitting needed by customers. I also made long radius bends and was the first South African to make a HDPE long radius bend with a diameter of 500 MM and 620 MM. It was also my duty to train new fitter welders and supervise their production as a working foreman. Private construction fitting company’s welders were also trained by me. Everything I did with HDPE, I also did with polypropylene. Another task was to do extrusion welding on 2.2 meter diameter pipes for sewerage plants and the same size sewerage lines at other sites and areas, both in house and on site.
Currently I do not have any proof that I worked there, but as reference you can contact Jan Cremer at cremertech@gmail.com or phone him 074 198 7648
All my papers went missing when I moved from one place to another. Mr. Cremer was one of the outside contractors who did business with Mega Pipe, and he is still in business under the name Cremertech.

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Hoërskool Erasmus

Hoërskool Erasmus


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