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Being traveling several times I experienced how busy Baggage handlers at the airport and I always observed the type of work that they are doing is not that easy it is a difficult duty but they have the hearts to stand there and make sure they help people like myself when I traveled to different locations I felt so empty when I am not sure what and where to go. so I love to help in areas that I could help to the many lifes who sometimes they can't find their ways to their destinations or missing items and where to find help at the moment of needed. I am easy to catch up and follow instructions from others on jobsite and to learn from them though I may not be the right candidate with the qualification that you looking for, but I will do the best I could if I get hired. Fell more comfortable to have conversation with you if needed more information about my self. I worked in the Nursing field and I choose to learn from other fields where I could fit now that I do need a job. so would you Please may you include my name as you screened your candidates for a position in your field that I could fit in.


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Dmercy Barcelona

Honolulu, HI, USA